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etna expedition



From North to South 2 days

The perfect private tour, a 2-day traverse from the north to the south side with bivouac under the stars. A private tour that will make you discover the most beautiful Etna on both sides and from low to high altitude up to the craters at the top, visiting them at dawn. From the tourist resort meeting point our magnificent trek will begin which will take place all on foot. A complete experience recommended only for experienced hikers or mountaineers in excellent health. The day includes several stages: the sunset and the bivouac in Nature at high altitude, the walk on the edge of the craters at the top of the volcano at dawn observing the emission of volcanic gas and the various concretions of minerals such as sulfur listening to the sounds of the volcano's activity with subsequent descent and excursion on the south side of the volcano. The Etna Expedition is the tour of tours and lends itself very well to those who love hiking and want to experience the magic of the volcano at 360 degrees and in a wild way, walking among sulfur, recent lava flows, lava desert, sleeping outdoors and conquering the top of the volcano with their own strength.

Points of interest  

  • Discovery of the various vegetation environments and incredible endemic plants of the two sides

  • Two-day trek on vegetation, recent lava flows, lava desert and sulfur concretions

  • Bivouac experience under the stars on the volcano

  •  Walk on the craters at the top, emission of volcanic gas at an altitude of about 3340 meters

  • High-altitude sunset and sunrise from the Central Crater

  •  Panoramic picnic dinner and lunch on half the island, the Aeolian Islands and Valle del Bove from above

Duration: About 7 hours a day for two days plus bivouac

Period: From mid-May to mid-October


Schedule: outward journey 15:00 approx. first day and return approx. 13:00 second day

Where: Etna Nord with an appointment at Rifugio Citelli or Piano Provenzana

Difficulties:  Difficult (1600-2000 meters elevation gain and 25-30 km of travel in two days)


Requirements: Suitable for experienced hikers or mountaineers and in excellent health.

Important: Tour Forbidden to Heart Patients, Respiratory Problems (Asthma), Diabetics or High Blood Pressure

Private Tour max 4 people


4 participants 270 per person 2 days

3 participants 320€ per person 2 days

2 participants 420€ per person 2 days

Includes: trekking shoes, sticks, sleeping bag, RC insurance, helmet and flashlight, hygiene cap.

Reservation: Send a message on whatsapp or call +39 378 0861560 (Fabrizio)

Required equipment: sportswear suitable for high altitude and bivouac, long trousers, backpack 30-40 litres, fleece,

neck warmer, powerbank, gloves, k-way, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, packed dinner/lunch, hat.



With the meeting with the volcanological guide (travel NOT included, possible Pick up at the accommodation with car/jeep is to be organized), begins the tour that will lead you to discover Etna from low to high altitudes.

The first step will be immediately in trekking, starting vertically the climb that will lead us from an altitude of about 2000 meters up to 3000 meters. Here we could observe the change of the various vegetation environments as we climb in altitude and discover an incredible variety of endemic plants of the volcano. From the highest point of this first day we will observe the sunset and arrange the equipment to spend the night and for dinner. We will bivouac under the stars inside the sleeping bag (provided by the guide) to wake up an hour and a half before sunrise for breakfast and for the next stop.


The second step, on the second day, it involves progression in the summit area, until you reach the craters at the top of the volcano to be covered on the crater rim with protective helmets, material that will be provided by the guide. Here we will admire the birth of the new day and, if we are lucky, the incredible shadow cone of the volcano on the western slope. We will also be able to observe the emission of volcanic gas, the sulfur crystals and the sounds of the volcano, a beautiful and exclusive experience that can hardly be repeated in other volcanoes in the world. During the excursion the local guide will introduce you to the geological characteristics and eruptive history of our volcano and you will be able to admire unique landscapes in the world with a splendid panoramic view of the entire Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas.


The third step will be the return route, different from that of the outward journey, which involves the progression on the south side downhill along recent lava flows, walking on the endless lava desert and climbing one of the inactive side craters with a packed snack from a panoramic point. After this stop, we will proceed again in trekking, passing a sandy gully to reach the tourist resort of Rifugio Sapienza, thus ending the guided tour. From here we will move by car to reach the parking lot of the starting point (or at the accommodation facility if the transfer is provided).


*The program may be subject to change at the discretion of the guide, depending on weather conditions or volcanic activity.

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